Bonding with a sex doll

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If you’re big on forming a relationship with your sex partner then this is a good place to start. It can be hard to bond with those big tit dolls. Nothing to worry it’s possible to create a bond of some sort with your sex dolls. It could be something as minuscule as an acquaintance to an outright bed buddies. You just have to define what relationship you’d like to create with your sex doll.

Can I bond with my sex doll?

Bonding with a huge ass sex doll is possible. There are several ways to achieve this. All you have to do is understand the feelings you desire to have with your big tit sex doll. Some of the kinds of bonds that are created with sex dolls include;

  1. Friendship: If you’d rather form a friendship bond with your huge ass sex doll then it’s fine. It would be nice to have someone to talk too, share warm hugs and basically do friendly things with despite the hot sex you share.
  2. Fuck buddies: A sex buddy is definitely another form of bond to create with your sex doll. All these entails is you stripping and positioning your big tit sex doll exactly as you’d want and pleasure yourself. The good part is no one has ill feelings in the end.
  3. Lover: Maybe you’d prefer to develop a feeling of love for your sex doll. Especially if you crave that intense feeling while you drive in and out of your partner. This is is just right for you.
  4. Stick will the sex doll persona: There’s also the sex doll-human bond. F that’s the relationship you’d prefer to have with your huge ass sex doll than that’s fine.

Bonding with the sex doll

At this point you’d have certainly defined the relationship you intend to have with your sex doll. Now it’s time to understand how to bond with the huge ass and big tit sex dolls;
  1. Spending time with your sex doll: A good way to develop a good bond is by spending lots of time with your huge ass sex dolls. This can be done by speaking to her or maybe seeing a movie with your big tit sex doll.
  2. Foreplay: Instead of diving straight right into sex how about trying out a foreplay. It’s a good way to improve your bond with your big tot sex doll.
  3. Jewelries, accessories and the lots: In other to view your sex doll other than being a sex buddy, you’d have to play dress up. This way you can develop the bond you desire to have with your sex doll.
  4. Appreciate your sex doll: Sometimes it would be good to look back and be thankful for your sex doll. It’s a good way to appreciate her presence especially those big tits and huge ass. They certainly are worth adoring and appreciated.


A bond can be formed with your sex doll and it could an easy stroll. First off understand the kind of bond you desire to create with your huge ass sex doll. Now it’s time to bond with your sex doll.

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