Different types of realistic sex dolls

big butt sex doll

As far as we know, there are a lot of realistic sex dolls, not only skinny woman dolls. As human beings, sex dolls also have different body shape imitating. You can choose a diverse body shape like; big, curvy, slim, and much more. There are lots of options! First, let’s divide the realistic sex dolls: Body type, material, race/culture, height, and gender. Everything can be personalized and customized for the buyer’s desire.

The different body type is because not everyone desires a super skinny doll, so they can choose if they want a more significant body, breast, fat, small tits, anything can be. Also, it can be a realistic sex doll anime style, with bigger eyes or a small body like a loli or a witch that may seem she has sexual powers. There can also be backstage or a little story of each sex doll, and she can come with the dress; like a doctor, a model, a beach bikini, a singer, any job can fit with the sex doll.

Realistic sex dolls can be of 4 different materials, two very practical, and two not really, but they are considered sex dolls. The first two are Silicon Sex Dolls, which use high-quality silicone to look/feel more realistic and beautiful. And TPE Sex Dolls, which are made up of thermoplastic rubber. It is very soft to the touch and feels like natural skin. TPE sex dolls are very elastic and flexible, holding up the pressure and almost every movement the buyer can make with her. There may be combinations between these materials to create a unique design or a customized design for the buyer’s desire.

What material is realistic sex doll that everyone wants

These two kinds of materials are realistic sex dolls that almost everyone wants. But also there are two more kinds of huge tits sex doll. The Blow-Up beauty is made with high-quality vinyl and rubber, making the doll flexible and fun. And the fourth is the Cloth and Stuffed Sex Dolls, which are love dolls that are very soft and easy to carry. They are like animated dolls or stuffed dolls rather than realistic sex dolls, but some people may like them, and the price is usually cheaper than the real ones.

About the different races and cultures, you can desire anything you wish. The doll can be Asian, white, African, American, European, anime style, or fantasy style. They also can be and simulate more robotic, depending on what you like and your fantasy. There are elf-kind sex dolls, anything you may think there is possibly a sex doll.

Realistic Small Breast Sex Doll

The height of the realistic sex doll is critical, why you may ask, because your height is essential to reach the best way to satisfy your needs and the most comfortable positions you would like to do with her. Also, it depends on your fantasy and what kind of doll you wish to have with you and satisfy in every way possible.

There are not only woman realistic sex dolls but also man models, very handsome and hot if you wish to try something different. And more and more women are buying and thinking of getting one realistic male sex doll. Also, transgender realistic sex dolls may combine the best of both dolls.

There can be a realistic sex doll of everything you can imagine. Every fantasy and desire can be accomplished with the dolls. And more and more people are enjoying them every day.

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